Joy Britt Reavis

How did Joy begin her musical journey?

Joy Britt Reavis started her classical training at the age of 6, and began composing for solo piano at 10. She was initially encouraged to perform as a way to overcome childhood shyness, and has since performed at universities, competitions, and regular live engagements.


Joy took a break from composing to begin a career in finance and to raise a family. She continued to play the piano for church services, weddings, and special events but it wasn’t until her children were grown that she began to pursue writing music again.


I didn’t intend to start composing on a regular basis,” Joy reflected. “As I was driving to work one day, it occurred to me that I had played the piano most of my life, but I had never recorded anything to pass on to my children as a legacy. As I was pulling together some of my favorite new age and classical pieces for my first recording, and thinking about those I hold near to my heart, I was moved to write a song. I named that composition ‘Devotion,’ and included that in my first short album. When I played that song for my parents, my mother just sat and wept upon hearing it. It was at that moment that I knew I had to write more music.



Who are her favorite composers?

Joy is inspired by many of the great classical composers such as Debussy, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, and Liszt. She attributes her style to these classical composers and the works of contemporary and new age artists such as George Winston and David Lanz. She is also following many of the artists associated with Whisperings Solo Piano Radio ( such as David Nevue, Michele McLaughlin, Doug Hammer, Gary Girouard, and Neil Patton.



What inspires her to write?

For me,” Joy explains, “writing music is often a form of expression that language cannot convey. It delivers an emotional response through movement and dynamics and pauses. I sometimes play piano after a long day at work, and it allows me to unwind and capture my mood.” 


When I write, there are times when the expressions come easily and tend to flow from my heart and mind, and out through my fingertips directly onto the piano keys. Other times, I hear melodies in my mind and try to capture them through a handheld recorder before playing them on the piano. Most of the time, however, I just sit and play for enjoyment, and wait to see what my mind and fingers will create on their own,” Joy adds.



Why do her song titles start with the same letter?

If you notice on “Expressions of Joy,” all the titles begin with the letter “D” and on her brand new album, “State of Joy,” they begin with “S.”


There’s no particular reason, other than to show my playful side. On ‘Expressions of Joy,” my first song was ‘Devotion,’ the second was ‘Daybreak,’ followed by ‘Dan River,’ and I thought it a bit amusing to keep going in that direction,” Joy says.